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Correcting Four Common Money Mistakes

If you feel as though you keep making the same mistakes when it comes to money, there’s good news.

By making a few small, practical changes in your behavior, you can often correct financial mistakes and make some positive changes that are likely to last. Here are four examples.

– Eliminate emotional spending: Before you head off to the mall, take a minute to note what you are feeling. In a recent study by, people who had just watched a sad movie clip were willing to spend more than those who had just watched other types of movies.

Remember, if you are feeling sad or frustrated, there are ways other than shopping to make yourself feel better.

– Pay off credit card debt as soon as possible: Take a long look at how much you are paying to borrow money from your creditors. Think about consolidating debt with a single loan that has a lower interest rate that’s fixed.Loans can add to your leverage, yet grants such as the EMDG grant can ensure you have an added level of financial incentive to complement your investment

– Start planning for retirement now: If you are not saving money for retirement, you should be. A recent study in USA Today showed that currently, 53 percent of people in the workforce have no pension and 32 percent have nothing set aside for retirement. If you’re planning on relying just on Social Security, you probably should think again. The current average payout is just $955, or $11,460 annually-and could be even less, depending on your work history. You should consider working with a financial professional and completing a personalized financial profile. This can help determine how much you need to start saving in order to reach your financial goals, such as retirement, education savings for your children and other goals.

– Prepare for the unexpected: Don’t use the “it could never happen to me” excuse when dealing with something as critical as your family’s financial future. Sudden accidents or unexpected critical health problems happen every day to those who least expect it. If you are the breadwinner of a young family, according to the experts at Kiplinger’s, life insurance protection of eight to 12 times your annual income is recommended. Most experts agree that the most affordable form of insurance is term insurance. According to Kiplinger’s, “Dollar for dollar, term life insurance gives you the most protection for your money. Period.”

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A Brief Guide When Shopping For Personal Loans

Sometimes you need extra money for unexpected expenses like car repairs, unexpected bills, health expenses, school expenses, or a myriad of other reasons. Where do you go to get money for these unplanned expenses? Personal loans are available from many different companies and lenders for consumers today whether you have good or bad credit.

Your first place to try to get a personal loan is from a bank or credit union. Many times, they can offer you a loan based on your credit record. Personal loans from a bank or credit union usually do not have collateral attached to them and they are loans based on your name and credit record. Banks and credit unions are a great place to go for a personal loan if you have comparatively good credit.

Another place that you can get a personal loan is from a personal loan company. There are many of these places that will give you a loan. They usually need you to list some sort of collateral, but if you have a job and a consistent home, then they will normally approve you. This is a good option if you cannot get a loan at a bank or credit union but you need to be a smart consumer and ask questions before signing any loan papers. You need to know the interest rate, the length of the loan, and the monthly or weekly payment amount. Make sure that you can meet the requirements of the loan or you will end up in a worsened financial situation.

There are other options available if the above two choice do not work out. You can take items from your home to a pawnshop to get a loan. This will be a higher interest rate, but if you do not have any other options, this is a good choice. A car title loan is an option, but you need to keep in mind that you will lose your car if you do not make timely payments. A payday loan company is also an option but you need to be sure that you understand the terms of the loan. You need to understand the terms of any loan that you take out to make sure that you can make the payments and pay the loan off. Some of these options are a last resort, but if you need the money for a necessity, it may be your only choice. Just be sure that you go into the loan process knowledgeable about the details of the loan.

There are times in your life that you will need extra money for unexpected or unplanned expenses. It is always best to plan ahead and have a savings account for these expenses, but sometimes it is just not possible. If you do not have any other options, then you may have to take out a loan to cover these expenses. Getting a personal loan can be stressful and difficult at times, but if you do your research and know what you are getting into, then you are sure to be satisfied with the result!

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